Choose silk pajamas to build skin protection

  • by asilklife

Sleeping in silk pajamas is not only a luxury synonymous, but also a healthy decision.


Silk pajama is lightweight and breathable, so you’ll always look and feel great wearing silky and cozy sleepwear. Silk’s natural properties make this an excellent pajama to wear all year. In winter or summer, your silk pajamas will regulate your body’s temperature and keep you comfortable all night long.


Let's see how pajamas positively work on your skin?

First, Silk Allows Your Skin to Breathe

Silk pajamas allow your skin to breathe – which isn’t the case with most synthetic and natural materials that you could find available on the market.


Silk allows air to move freely in and out of the material, suggesting that it will reach your body as well. Because of this, you’ll feel cool and comfortable throughout the night.


Second, Silk Makes You Feel Comfortable and Cool

Silk pajama is made with 100% natural Mulberry Silk and it has natural antibacterial properties and keeps you cool. Besides, the material will absorb any sweat from your body, so you won’t have to worry about feeling hot.


Since silk will regulate your blood temperature, you don't have to worry about getting started the dreading the sleepless summer nights.


Third, Stay away from Skin Irritations

Some materials can cause irritations on the skin, especially if it’s synthetic and rougher. Silk's smoothy and airy texture will reduce the possibility of inflammation, so even if you have specific skin conditions, it won’t flare up.


This is something can also prevent acne from appearing on your back, because the silk pajamas will eliminate moisture.


Forth, Say Goodbye to Allergies

People are rarely allergic to this particular material - Silk.


Silk is a material that is free from any synthetic materials, chemicals, and irritants, which suggests that it mostly contains completely natural substances. It can eliminate any potential allergens from causing different conditions, and ensure that no mold, fungus, and dust mites come into contact with your body.


Silk pajamas are allergy-free and can protect you and your health.


No More Worry About Hot Flashes

Many women will have hormones change as they age.  So you may frequently get annoyed by hot flashes, an unexpected warmth you feel all over your body, particularly your neck, torso, and head.


Silk pajamas can help you relieve annoying hot flashes feeling, because of their breathable and hydrating features, which means you'll be more comfortable.


Complexion Will Improved

Have you ever noticed that once you wake up from your slumber in silk pajamas, your body feels more hydrated than you rested in other pajamas(such as cotton or synthetic)?

Silk contains tightly intertwined and soft fibers, which can keep moisture close to you, it means you can get rid of flaky and dry skin by wearing silk pajamas. 


BTW, a silk pillowcase will help you reduce the signs of aging – wrinkles, and your complexion will improve.


Well, silk pajama isn’t only comfortable to sleep in, but it’s safe too, mostly because instead of melting when it comes into contact with fire, it’ll simply burst into flame and turn into ash in a matter of seconds. Hence, a lot of professionals recommend that people wear silk instead of other fabrics.


Also, children and infants are better off in silk pajamas, which can protect their young and delicate skin and keep them comfortable and safe at the same time.


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