Different Criteria For Choosing Home Wear And Pajamas In Autumn

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Different criteria for choosing home wear and pajamas in autumn


  1. Pajamas do not equal to home clothes, pajamas are worn when sleeping, home clothes are to meet daily activities. To be worn as a house dress, pyjamas must be warm, which requires them to be very thick.
  2. The bed is very warm, too thick pajamas, poor air permeability, the heat between the body and the bed can not be exchanged through pajamas, hinder the normal skin breathing and sweat evaporation, but is not warm enough, will also reduce our sleep quality. Light or thick pajamas are suitable for our sleep.
  3. There is another point is, take pajamas when home clothes to wear, easily stained with dust, bacteria and soot, and people in sleep metabolism continues, these dirt will stimulate the skin, lead to itching, inflammation, will cause adverse effects on our sleep and health.
  4. Pajamas should also be changed often, some women think pajamas are not dirty, usually only a few weeks to clean once, but we sleep at night metabolism of sweat, oil will accumulate in the pajamas, breeding bacteria and mites. So, change your pajamas frequently.

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