Silk bedding is your better choice

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Silk is a high-quality natural fiber. Manufacturers use it to make a smooth, breathable fabric that drapes well. These qualities make silk fabric a desirable option for bed sheets.


Silk comes from the cocoons of silkworms. Silkworms secrete single silk strands from their silk glands to spin their cocoon. Boiling or steaming the cocoon unravels the silk strands, which people can make into thread and fabric.


Some research suggests that silk from silkworms may have antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties to protect the pupae inside the cocoon.


A 2016 study stated that silk absorbs moisture from the air and requires additional treatment, such as adding silver nanoparticles, to protect it from microbes.


Good for Sleep

Certain properties of silk make it a sought-after material in comparison with others, such as cotton. These properties include:

  • strong yet lightweight
  • natural sheen
  • low heat conduction, which means that it stays cool in hot weather and warm in cool weather
  • low static cling
  • drapes well

According to the American Sleep Association, using high-quality silk bed sheets may help improve sleep by providing comfort.

Silk is a breathable fabric that may help the body regulate temperature. Sleeping at a comfortable temperature helps people maintain a healthy sleep cycle, which is important for cognitive function and overall health.


Good for Skin Health

Some research has found that silk-like materials may also provide certain benefits to the skin.

One clinical trial examined the effects of pillowcase fabric on acne in 40 participants. They used either a cotton pillowcase or a silk-like pillowcase that contained antimicrobial technology.

The silk-like pillowcase resulted in a greater reduction of acne lesions than the cotton pillowcase after 12 weeks.

However, the silk-like pillowcase was made of nylon and polyester rather than actual silk, so it is unclear if silk bedding would provide similar benefits.

Using silk sheets may help with skin conditions such as contact dermatitis and atopic dermatitis. This is because it is a natural fiber. Many companies claim that their silk sheets are hypoallergenic.


How to choose

People measure the weight and quality of silk using a unit of measurement called the momme. A higher momme value generally indicates higher quality.

The American Sleep Association recommends choosing a silk fabric weight of 15 momme or above.


In conclusion

Silk bedding helps hair and skin retain their natural moisture。

Unlike cotton bedding, which is absorbent and actually removes precious natural oils, protein-based silk does a wonderful job of keeping your hair and skin well-moisturized as you sleep. In fact, many high-end hair and skin products contain sericin, a protein found in silk fiber. Additionally, silk bedding is well known for its hair and skin health benefits.


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